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FAQ Awards

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The office which assisted with development of the application (HRS, ROADS, or MILO) will arrange for agreements to be signed, where necessary, and facilitate the request for a research account activation once all required certifications are in place. For applications administered by HRS, once you have received confirmation of your award please ensure that HRS has received a copy of the award letter and that the HRS Checklist/Account Request Form has been completed and forwarded to the HRS Administration and Support Unit.  Subject to the nature of the award, as outlined below, the Administration and Support Unit will facilitate the account activation through the FHS Research Finance Office.

  1. If the award letter does not require an Agreement or Institutional signatures, the Administration and Support Unit will review the information on file and contact you directly if clarification is required.  For example:  a copy of the original application was not on file, confirmation of certification approval, etc.  OR
  2. If the award does require an Agreement or Institutional signature, the Administration and Support Unit will await direction from the funding agency/sponsor (most funding agencies/sponsors have their own Agreement format). In addition, the Administration and Support Unit will contact you (the researcher awarded the funds) to ensure that certain conditions including the scope of work as defined in the Agreement are acceptable to you.  OR
  3. In certain larger projects or multi institutional projects the Administration and Support Unit will work with other institutional research offices to co-ordinate the Inter-institutional Agreement process, for example CFI and MRI inter-institutional projects.

The cheque should be make payable to McMaster University.

If the cheque is for an existing project with an assigned account number, please forward the cheque with any accompanying correspondence to the Assitant Comptroller in FHS Research Finance Office:

Ms. Sonya Caissie
Assistant Comptroller, FHS Research Finance
McMaster University, Faculty of Health Sciences
Mailing Address: 1280 Main St. W., HSC-3H9, Hamilton, ON L8S 4K1
For Deliveries: 1200 Main St. W., HSC-3H9, Hamilton, ON L8N 3Z5
Phone: 905-525-9140 x22107

Please ensure the following information is included:  the researcher’s name, the title of the project, the research account number, and any other identifying information to help match the cheque to the project. If the cheque is for a new award/project then please refer to the question – I have a new award. What are my next steps?

When unsolicited funds are received to support your research it is important that you contact a HRS Administration and Support Advisor. The Advisor will review the information and provide direction as appropriate, which may involve a new account set-up or the addition to an existing account.

Donations are to be processed through the  Advancement Services office. Ensure that you provide the full support information and indicate that the funds are to support your research.