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AREB Application Process

The process for submitting AUPs for review by the Animal Research Ethics Board (AREB) has been streamlined as follows:

  1. Consult veterinary staff before preparing the AUP so that information on endpoint issues and other veterinary matters can be addressed prior to AREB consideration. Please also review, prior to submission, the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) Guidelines and the AUP Preparation Guide, pertaining to the use of animals, training requirements and setting of end points.
  2. Submit the draft AUP electronically to the Ethics Officer in Health Research Services (HRS). HRS will ask the Central Animal Facility (CAF) Veterinary Staff to review the draft AUP, and recommendations will be communicated to the Principal Investigator. Once the Principal Investigator has incorporated the veterinary recommendations into the AUP, it can be submitted electronically to the Ethics Officer according to the AREB deadline schedule. The deadline for submission of the revised AUP to AREB is the second-to-last Tuesday of a given month. Please allow adequate time for this review.